Secure and Easy Remote Work with Sophos UTM

I’m going to walkthrough how to setup remote access vpn in sophos UTM. This post is intended for the minimum deployment and might not be as scalable, but baseline is as below:

  • Clientless – no need to install client software on PC
  • Secure – Multifactor authentication
  • Affordable – no need for extra service nor device

As the requirement of remote access increase, IT needs to setup environment quickly, and still in cost effectively.
Sophos UTM is one of the least expensive UTM in the market, which is ready for enterprise use.

In summary, the settings follow below:

  1. configure users
  2. configure OTP
  3. (optional)configure user portal
  4. configure HTML5 VPN

First, you need to create users. This username is used for remote users to login to the portal.

We use tOTP based token this time to use Multi Factor Authentication(MFA). You just need to enable it.

We need to create HTML5 VPN Portal for every users in this case. First add “network definition” for users PC at office, I’m using IP address here, but alternatively you can use DNS name. Second add remote user, which you created at step 1, into “Allowed users” so that only the user can access each PC. And that’s all for Sophos UTM setup.

Ask users to access the URL “https://”, and they should login with the reomte user name and password which you created at step 1.

Once users logged into the portal, it should prompt users to register OTP. Users can use any tOTP based applicaiton. In my case I used Google Authenticator, which is available via playstore/applestore for free. Scan the QR code, and it should now prompt the PIN.

Once done, users need to login again. But this time the password is “password you created at step 1” + “PIN on tOTP app”(eg. secretpassword123456). users should be able to see the user portal now.

Click “HTML5 VPN Portal”, and then click the PC name to connect to.

It pops up another window showing your PC desktop. Ask users not to shutdown the PC, and ask them simply logoff or close the window.

Some UTMs require separate subscription to use clientless VPN (eg. PaloAlto), while Sophos UTM comes with most of the function built-in the box.

Please drop me a message if you encounter any problem. THanks for reading!

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