KTHW Reinvented – Agenda

From the next post, I will guide you how to bring up Kubernetes cluster locally.

I use Kubernetes The Hard Way as a guidepost, but I will re-order the procedure so that it goes component by component. If you are willing to take CKA(Kubernetes Certified Administrator) Certification, you should follow original kubernetes the hard way again after completing this agenda, so that you can improve your deployment speed.


  1. Compute resource procurement … I use my desktop pc to host 4 virtual ubuntu machines
  2. Etcd cluster bootstrap … Etcd is the base system of kubernetes to hold all the information
  3. Control plane bootstrap 01 … API server installation and flags investigation
  4. Control plane bootstrap 02 … Deploy LoadBalancer for API server
  5. Worker node bootstrap … kubelet and kube-proxy are installed on nodes.
  6. Control plane bootstrap 03 … Controller-Manager installation
  7. Control plane bootstrap 04 … Scheduller installation
  8. Pod network routes … configure network for inter-pod communication
  9. DNS … Deploy coredns in cluster
  10. Data encryption at rest … secure secret file encrypted

[ Diagram ]