My reason to study kubernetes

Recently I’m shifting my workload to GCP, and on the course I’m studying for GCP. When I used GCP a few years back for application deployment, I just touched App Engine and datastore. At that time, the most of the function didn’t support Pyhotn3.x and it caused me to use AWS mainly. But now it supports Python3.x on GAE as well as on Function, and I thought it was a good time to try out GCP(and eventually I decided to shift).

GCP is quite complete, and it is neater than AWS in my opinion. I found it very interesting to use Kubernetes, simply it’s very easy while it’s really effective. Though it’s tightly integrated into the GCP, still I need to know kubernetes concept how it works. So, as usual I started my own test to try deploying kubernetes from the scratch, and it was actually quite difficult to understand.

In this category, I gathered all the resources I used to understand the kubernetes concept. While it’s not the main purpose, but as a guideline I used Kubernetes Certified Administrator(CKA) curriculum to measure the progress.