This blog is a bit of everything I have been providing my service to my clients. Main areas are on enterprise networking and cloud infrastructure.

  • Migrate 20 on-premise servers to cloud services with reproduceable script, some of them converted to serverless function
  • Network performance monitoring setup of 200 nodes and workflow setup with Zabbix
  • Secure 30 nods kubernetes cluster with machine learning, from cloud iinfrastrucutre level up to application level
  • Onboard and migration of 50 sites, 15,000 users to SDWAN and SD-Access
  • etc. etc.

For network engineers looks for cloud troubleshooting tips, go to Cloud Troubleshoot Blog.

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I like technologies, especially for networking, which I have worked for more than 10 years. But it is difficult to keep updated on all the new technologies, and it is even more difficult to remember which technologies I have tried. Sometimes I just try one new technologies and completely forget afterwards. And as you may experience as well, I try the same thing again.

This site is created for my personal notebook, so that I can keep all my trial and error records, and thought. Please be noted that all thoughts here are my personal view.

Though I specialise in the network, small LAN to the overlay -e.g. kubernetes, sd-wan, please contact me anything if you are interested via contact form. 



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  • drop me an email at shogo.kobayashi[at]cloudnative.org.uk


Security is there to protect you and your company, but often times it’s used to blame you and make staff life difficult. And the productivity decrease.

Security should be transparent as much as possible to users, but it’s deployed to limit the functionality or to make operation more complicated. And users are forced to look for loophole.

If the security is not introduced properly, it makes no good or it may cause things even worse.

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