Python 100 project #19: London Crime Map

United Kingdom is said to be one of the most open country with the respect of data openness. Actually a lot of data is available online, but there are a few problems.

One of them is readability. The dataset itself is available, but those datasets are often difficult to understand. This difficulties come from its terminologies, its structure, and UK’s complicated (and historical) social systems.

It might be an opportunity to look through these figures and make it visualize through python. This time, I use street crime report from, and make a heatmap of those crimes happened on December 2017.


Output Example:


Here is the code:


The result is not so self explanatory, as it is almost everywhere. I’m not sure if this is unique to London or it is similar in the other metropolitan cities, but I’m certain that almost everywhere in London there are crimes happening. Sadly, there are no time data available for these dataset.