Python 100 project #8: Trending Wordcloud – on Alexa Echo Spot – Cavs is hot in US, while Liverpool is hot in UK

I have added display interface on the existing Alexa skill. It retrieves the wordcloud image from s3 (if it is there), and it generates the wordcloud image file if it doesn’t found one. And it stores the newly generate file onto the s3 bucket. So basically it will generate respective wordcloud file on the first request of respective country. Subsequent request (of the day) just retrieves the image file from s3.


Output Example:

  • this is the result for “Ask ‘skill-name’ to show me the trends”, which shows the US(default) trending search keyword

  • this is the result for “Ask ‘skill-name’ to give me the trends in United Kingdom”, which shows the UK trending search keyword


Here is the Lambda function to provide both speech output and display output: